General Provisions

1win Kenya is an officially registered and licensed gambling establishment, which imposes on the company a number of legal obligations and requirements to follow international legislation in this industry. Responsible gaming policy is one such commitment that is reflected in the organization’s terms and conditions. Therefore, before starting to play on the site, users should study this concept and try to follow it.

The responsibilities of company employees include maintaining a safe and comfortable environment on the platform for all players. The institution carefully monitors the activity of clients, identifying trends towards uncontrolled behavior. To maintain the sanity of users, 1win Kenya has taken several measures that are recognized and widely used by the international community.

Identifying the Problem

All players are divided into several types: those who enjoy the game and have a healthy passion, as well as those who can become seriously addicted. For many users, it is tough to see this line. Therefore, 1win official site invites all clients to answer a few questions about gambling habits:

  1. Are you seriously involved in gambling?
  2. Do you increase your bet amount with each game?
  3. Have you ever borrowed money to play?
  4. Have you ever committed a crime to get money for gambling?
  5. Has your reputation been damaged by gambling?
  6. Do you feel angry or disappointed if something prevents you from placing a bet?
  7. Have you tried to fix the situation, but nothing worked?

If you answered yes to at least 2 questions, you should think about your attitude towards gambling and perhaps even seek professional help.

Preventive Measures

If a player knows the fundamental truths about gambling, then it will be easier for him to maintain control:

  • Gambling is a way to have fun, gain new experiences, and make new acquaintances;
  • Betting won’t help you solve your financial problems;
  • If you lose, you should not try to win back at any cost;
  • Always monitor the amount of time you spend on the site;
  • Remember that gambling has no formula that will guarantee your success;
  • Before placing a bet, you must ensure that you clearly understand and know the rules.


1win Kenya has come up with a few tips to help customers have a fun gaming experience while still being a conscious player:

  • Before you start playing, determine the amount of time you can spend playing games. After the set period has expired, leave the site;
  • Set the amount you can spend on gambling. As soon as you run out of money you must leave the site;
  • Never borrow money to place a bet;
  • Rationally distribute your time between family, work, friends, hobbies, and gambling;
  • Do not visit a gambling establishment if you are in a bad mood or intoxicated.


Clients diagnosed with gambling addiction or users who wish to take a break can contact customer support. Employees will offer to use the self-exclusion feature, which will block your account for a certain period. During this period, the player will not be able to make a deposit or place bets. During temporary account blocking, creating a second profile in 1win Kenya is also prohibited. All other actions outside the gambling establishment are the personal responsibility of the user.

After self-exclusion ends, the user can regain access to his profile. However, he can also ask you to delete your account permanently. It is important to understand that this action is irreversible.